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  • Rinell Clark – Fleet Service Technician, Invercargill

    I started as a Fleet Service Technician in Invercargill in September of 2017. I had been working for my previous employer for 15 years as a fleet serviceman before I came over to Bridgestone.  I really enjoy getting out and about and I love the variety of the work provided.  The team here are a really great bunch of guys and girls.
    We service some really important clients down here in Southland and I always feel very safe with the PPE and equipment Bridgestone have provided to me along with the quality products I have to work with.

  • Lynette Brightwell - Field Operations Assistant, Rotorua

    I love my job as no two days are ever the same. I started with Bridgestone in the Rotorua Retread factory.  I have been with Bridgestone for 27 years now. I progressed to be the Office Manager at the Old Taupo Road store. I then moved into the Field Operations role around 15 years ago and I love seeing people join the team from as young as 16 and progress through to management roles.
    My Bridgestone journey has seen me fill a great variety of roles – this is why my current role suits me so well. I get to travel around the central mid island area and visit many different sized stores to train teams and help ensure consistency across our branches.

  • Lyronne Nadas – Wholesale Manager, Auckland

    I realised that there were opportunities with Bridgestone and an ability to grow in the Company.
    I was studying financial management in South Africa and made the move to New Zealand. I got a job as a Tyre Technician at the Airport store and progressed to the Support Manager role in Newmarket and later became Store Manager there. A position in the wholesale arm became available and I was promoted into that role. All this happened in just over two years!
    I love it here in New Zealand – I have no regrets about moving to New Zealand and my wife loves it here too.

  • David Jenkins - Supply Coordinator, Logistics

    I look at opportunities, seize them and make them mine – there is always something coming up.
    I started off in Tony’s Tyre Service in 2010 as a tyre tech and rapidly progressed through a number of store-based roles, from Tyre Tech through to Branch Manager, until I wanted to get into a more corporate scene in the National Support Office in Ellerslie. Logistics has been great for me because I love working on spreadsheets and trying to figure out where the New Zealand bound tyres are located.
    This Company is very supportive - it is the longest I have ever worked for a single employer anywhere!

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BSFC-Consumer Tire Sales Dept.-Staff 2 1
BSFC-Consumer Tire Sales Dept.-Staff 2 1 Hsinchu country, HSQ, TW Sales – Consumer (REP) 2024年6月11日
Hsinchu country, HSQ, TW Sales – Consumer (REP) 2024年6月11日
製程工程師 1
製程工程師 1 新竹縣湖口鄉文化路1-1號, TW Manufacturing – Production 2024年6月7日
新竹縣湖口鄉文化路1-1號, TW Manufacturing – Production 2024年6月7日
BSFC採購主管 新竹市, HSZ, TW 供應鏈/採購 2024年6月5日
新竹市, HSZ, TW 供應鏈/採購 2024年6月5日










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