Information Technology Senior Engineer (System Development)

Specialization:  Information Technology

khlong luang, 13, TH

Date Posted:  3 Oct 2023

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Job Summary

This position is fully responsible to support the operation system for both internal and external users to let the process run smoothly and efficiently, along with analyzing the problem and giving consultation. This includes the design of both current and upcoming work systems to meet the specific target.


1.    Analyze problems or needs of users and then proposing solutions or improvements by documenting them to communicate to relevant parties.
•    Support the request from relevant users for both internal and external users.
•    Cooperate with the users to analyze the problem and propose solutions or improvements for the users.
•    Prepare a summary report of the problem or user’s need, including solutions or improvements.
•    Oversee corporate’s IT system (Service Now) to control upcoming changes.


2.    Validate current program and operation step to ensure that the system is safe and in accordance with the Company's policies and meets users’ needs.
•    Analyze the accuracy of current system.
•    Prepare a summary report from the audit and present it to the relevant users and supervisors.
•    Prepare a roadmap and RACI matrix table to define the roles and responsibilities of the people involved in the project.
•    Perform the duties of the project manager to oversee the relevant parties to complete the work plan as specified in Clause 2.3 on a timely manner.


3.    Cooperate with third-party program developers and users to ensure that the development of programs/systems meets users’ needs and in accordance with the specified work plan.
•    Cooperate with users and third-party program developers to completely obtain users’ needs.


4.    Plan and coordinate with users to test new programs implementation, including conduct a summary of the test results.
•    Coordinate with the user to prepare a list of the program to be tested by the user.
•    Prepare a plan and assign a responsible person to conduct the test of the program.                
•    Provide support and control for the test to proceed as planned.


5.    Train IT staff and users regarding system maintenance.
•    Prepare a document explaining the work system.
•    Prepare a roadmap to train IT staff and users.
•    Prepare a summary of the results of training to IT staff and users.


6.    Other tasks as assigned.


•    Bachelor’s degree in business computing, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or related fields.
•    4-5 years’ experience in Supporting ERP system, being a project manager, controlling the work as planned, user's manual document making and training.
•    Able to communicate in English with TOEIC’s Score at least 400 points.

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