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BSCN-Assistant Production System Standardization Manager

Specialization:  Manufacturing/ Operations/ Production/ Quality Management/ SHE

Shanghai, CN

Date Posted:  16-Apr-2021

Job Summary

The position is fully responsible for support to improve BSCN plant capability of production technology, especially Engineering area and enhance standardization for continuous improvement. 


Key Responsibilities

  • Connecting technologies between GBS and BSCN plants"  
  • Teaching, supporting and nurturing the engineering section of the CN plants"
  • Enhance to develop production technology & strategy in CN plants

Key Areas

  • New Product startup support
  • Study feasibility of new facility implementation for new requirements from customer & market by information gathering and communication with GBS, BSCAP and other SBU.
  • Instruct plant engineering to install & start-up new facilities on time
  • Support for improvement of plant performance and cost indicators
  • conduct monthly meeting with maintenance managers to discuss & deploy countermeasure for equipment break-down
  • Training support for Plant engineering dept.
  • Setting up and managing the agenda for the Engineering Manager's Meeting
  • Management of monthly Engineering section reports and guidance for improvement
  • Host Maintenance Skill Competition once per year
  • Sharing of technical policy & information to Plants
  • Development and management of technical policy documents from GBS
  • Collection, arrangement and management of technical information at each plant
  • Technical strategy formulation work
  • Collect & Sort the technologies for new requirements in the mass production of products from GBS/CAPTC
  • Provide introduction of technical information to plant engineering for examination of the medium-term management plan


  • Education
    • More than a college graduate
    • Specialty: Mechanical Engineering
  • Working Experience
    • engaged in Plant engineering division for 5 years at least
    • apparatus design, Budget control, machine Installation & start-up, troubleshooting by root cause analysis & countermeasure formulation, project management
  • Knowledge
    • Mechanical design yielding regal requirement and industrial standards
    • Industrial technology and equipment (robot, servo control, actuator, air circuit, steam, hydronic circuit, sewage treatment, VOCs)
    • QC tool & methodology
    • Windows PC operation, excel, word, power point, A-CAD at least.
    • Basic knowledge of tire manufacturing process is desirable.
  • Capability of forming consensus through consultation even if there is a conflict of interest
  • Capability of carrying out agreement on schedule by leading relevant department.
  • Capability of “reporting, contacting & consulting” to the management on right time
  • High level of integrity, respect for others, persistence, and passion for success
  • Language proficiency: English is mandatory. Japanese is desirable.


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