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Marketing Staff

Specialization:  Sales/ Consumer/ Commercial/ Distributor Markets

新竹縣湖口鄉文化路1-1號, TW

Date Posted:  05-Aug-2022

Job Summary

1. Plan annual PR strategy to enlarge the media exposure in the core brand value, product, and CSR E8 commitment.
2. Lead PR agency to execute PR strategy.
3. Enhance the media relationship and develop crisis management process.
4. Clear review process to continually improve the PR investment.

1. Understand Bridgestone and competitor’s investment in digital.
2. Identify digital new opportunity and key drivers to encage consumers.
3. Plan annual digital strategy to recruit new consumers and to improve the communication plan.
4. Lead digital agency to execute digital strategy.
5. Clear review process to continually improve the digital investment.

1. Co-work with BSCAP (APAC) to manage official website.
2. Identify more user-friendly website design and process to engage consumers.
3. Collect Bridgestone uses member data and plan CRM program.
4. Clear review process to continually improve the website management.




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