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Specialization:  Information Technology

新竹縣湖口鄉文化路1-1號, TW

Date Posted:  21-Mar-2023

Job Summary

1. Factory Application PM
2. Factory improvement project
3. New machine implementation
4. Intelligent Safety implementation
5. Quality project implementation
6. maintenance support & management (Factory network, security)
7. Dept. business management

1. 依勞動基準法,雇主不得僱用未滿十五歲之人從事工作。
According to labor standers, no employer shall employ any person under the age of fifteen.
2. 依就業服務法,外國人須經雇主申請許可,始可在中華民國境內工作。
no According to employment service standers, foreign worker may engage in work within the Republic of China should his/her employer have not yet obtained a permit via application therefore.

Local contract terms only